Lemonridge Hotels

About Us

Lemonridge Hotels is a hospitality management brand committed to creating exceptional experiences for all, including guests, employees and business partners. The brand strives to ensure that each visitor feels valued, whether they're on vacation or a business trip. The Lemonridge team is dedicated to exceeding expectations, ensuring that every visit is not just satisfactory but truly remarkable. This dedication is evident in their meticulous attention to detail and the inviting ambience present at all their properties. Lemonridge Hotels aims to elevate each stay from merely a hotel visit to an enjoyable and enduring memory.

Premium room with two cosy beds and wall-mounted TV at Lemonridge Hotels
A lounge corner with a comfortable brown leather sofa set, a patterned rug, and a glass partition with hotel branding.

Our Vision

Lemonridge Hotels is set to become India's largest and finest company operating in the mid-market hospitality space. With hotels located in mid-market leisure and business destinations, Lemonridge Hotels is recognized for delivering quality.